The results of mortgage sales


The first two months of 2013 brought an increase in the share of the Jonathan Harker Credit House in the entire mortgage market. In January and February this share was 5.79 and 6.12 percent. This means that every 17 loan in Poland was granted through the advisers of the Credit House Jonathan Harker.

In this case, he must prove to the bank

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That we have obtained financial stability as a company. Running your own business is not a problem to become credible borrowers, as long as you provide a banking institution with an analysis of the company’s income for the past and current accounting year.

It is also important whether our industry is safe or whether it belongs to the high risk sector? Regular payment of fees has an impact here as well. If you are in arrears with ZUS or the Tax Office, do not count on the fact that banks will trust you and grant you a loan. The last point is how long you’ve been running your business. If it is a minimum of one year – then you can already try to apply for a loan. Most often, however, banks expect the company to exist on the market for at least two years.

Economic activity – tax card, flat rate

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As in the case of general principles – the period of existence of the company on the market and the position of its income from the last two years are important. Due to the fact that in this case it is difficult to determine the real profit for the company – unfortunately, often banks refuse credit to persons who have operations on these principles. This does not mean, however, that this always happens, but credit card tax and a lump sum tax are often much harder to obtain. In this case, it is worth going to specialists – financial advisors.

Do you want to take a mortgage? Or maybe you are planning a cash loan? Regardless of what kind of commitment you need – we will help you. We will present favorable offers, help with formalities and negotiate good conditions with the bank. Don’t you know at all you have a chance for any loan? We will check your creditworthiness – call.

Our experience will allow you to make an informed decision and increase your chances of a mortgage. No creditworthiness calculator will be as helpful and effective as our specialists. You can get all information about cooperation with our advisers by calling us.

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