If the bank rejected the loan application, what next?


The incomprehensible attitude of many banks often closes the future borrower’s path to obtain a loan or cash loan, regardless of the purpose for which we need cash and the reason for which we received a negative decision, it is not possible to appeal against such a decision.


The reasons for which a bank refuses to grant a loan are many, ranging from very mundane things that we simply have absolutely no influence on, to past events that we have long forgotten.

Lack of creditworthiness

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The first and most common reason for rejecting a loan application is our lack of creditworthiness due to insufficient income or repayment of installments of another loan. Bad credit history of BIK is second in the rankings, i.e. irregular repayments of the previous loan and bailiff seizure for previous debts that are on us.

As you can see, banks often take a very conservative attitude, which does not make life easier if money is needed immediately, and for various reasons we can forget about the help from the bank.

Of course, obtaining a traditional loan is just one of the possibilities to get the amount you need, non-bank companies that grant loans may prove to be a lifebuoy in each of these cases, depending on the reason for the refusal of the loan by the banking institution there are different options. In the case of low creditworthiness, we can try other non-bank products.

A loan is one of the cheapest non-bank loans

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Its downside is the fact that it will not be granted immediately, because it is a community loan, which in practice means that the amount needed does not come directly from the loan company, but from private investors who want to earn on it.

Of course, like any reasonable person, the people from whom the money comes take care of their interests and choose only the best offers for them and borrowers, which they consider to be the most reliable.

For this reason, those who have already used this method of obtaining the loan will be the quickest to obtain, those who apply for a loan for the first time will have to wait a little longer. Another reason for the waiting period is the time it takes to register a future borrower on the site and prepare his auction.

The next stage is waiting for the right amount of investors willing to grant us a loan. So if money is needed immediately, it is best to choose another option.


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Provident is another relatively cheap and easily available loan for people whom the bank refused to grant a loan due to insufficient income.

Provident is considered to be one of the most expensive non-bank lending institutions, however, high competition and the need to stay on the market have also forced the company to create attractive credit products.


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